More than just a clothing line, Wild [&] Whimsy is a love letter.  Inspired by her daughters, it is the expression of childhood magic [&] the visual celebration of a life that is wild like the wind [&] full of delicate whimsy.  Shortly after it's inception, Founder [&] Creator, Ryam Teran, felt led to expand her children’s clothing and accessory line into a lifestyle brand and site that included The Wild [&] Whimsy Woman and The Wild [&] Whimsy Life Journal. Her deepest desire is to create [&] curate beautifully made products while simultaneously celebrating [&] sharing about her multifaceted journey and life as a passionate mother of four, designer, entrepreneur, adoption advocate, and woman. In November of 2018, Ryam was once again inspired to expand Wild [&] Whimsy. This time, with a namesake foundation that would serve as a catalyst for several initiatives that would benefit both Foster & Adoptive Children and their families.

What began as a love letter to her daughters has evolved into so much more … we are glad you are here. Welcome to our Wild [&] Whimsy World!