Back To School Style :: Walmart Haul

I LOOOOOOOVE back to school shopping! Like, more than the average human. When I was a little girl my mom would take my siblings and I to Mervyn’s [anyone remember that place?!] and would let us loose on a buckwild shopping spree. I remember floating home on cloud nine with my haul and when I’d get there I would organize and plan and replan outfits EVERY NIGHT for days leading up to the first day of school. You guys!!!!! I LOVED it then and I LOVE it now :)

Speaking of back-to-school shopping, I recently made a stop at Walmart and was SO impressed with their kids selection. I can honestly say it was one of my favorite places to shop this year for my ittybitty! Click the BOLD words below for direct links. xx


The Wild [&] Whimsy Foundation - Just The Beginning


As some of you may have seen on Instagram, either on @wildandwhimsy or my personal account, November is Adoption Awareness Month. Last year, in honor of such a special month, Wild and Whimsy gifted a Holiday Dress for EVERY purchase made during that month [no matter the amount!] to a little girl in Foster Care. SEVENTY-FIVE dresses and a few months later, I CAN NOT stop thinking about those BRAVE little girls [and boys!] and how I desire to do so much MORE for them.


Foster Care and Adoption hold a very special place in my heart and as this initiative begins to take form, I can’t help but feel excited with anticipation for whats to come. I look forward to sharing more in the next few weeks what we are working on, but in the meantime, your well wishes and prayers mean the world to us!

The Wild & Whimsy Life :: Girls Night In


It’s no secret I love throwing a good party. Any kinda party really. Extravagant birthday bashes [&] intimate dinner parties alike, if you give me a reason, I’ll celebrate! 


One of the number one questions/comments/DM’s I get on Instagram is, “Can you post more or blog about party planning stuff?”. So, in honor of those babes AND with Valentine’s Day around the corner, I thought I’d share some photos from one of the parties I recently threw for my bestie. Hopefully it will be helpful for you if you plan on throwing a Galentine’s Day Soirée for your lady loves! Or you can always scale it down for a night in with your honey bunny 😉 


Gone are the days of charcuterie boards. Ok, Ok, not really ... BUT my latest obsession [along with everyone else on Pinterest!] is a charcuterie board on steroids - the Grazing Table!

 Tips [&] Tricks For A Killer Grazing Table.

1. Use wrapping paper / kraft paper down the center of the table to arrange your grazing goodies on. Cuz you know, it’s a lot more sanitary than directly on the table 💁🏽‍♀️

2. Think outside the box! Chips / pretzels / whole pieces of fruit / cut up bread aren’t things you usually find on charcuterie boards, but are perfect for filling up a long table.  If it’s yummy, go ahead and throw it on the table 😋

3. Keep thinking outside the box! Household items like candle holders, vases, candlesticks, little baskets, glass jars, votives, etc. are great items to use when decorating and displaying foods on your grazing table. Be creative! Make sure to consider all the items you already own before going out to buy anything.

4. IF you do end up buying anything - go to the DOLLAR TREE or local dollar store FIRST! If you know me, you know I have a love affair with the Dollar Tree 😜 I’ll post soon on some of my go to items from there, so make sure to check back. 

5. Lastly, NEVER underestimate the beauty of canned or bottled food items put on/in a white platter or bowl! Throw a little garnish on it [mint, parsley or rosemary are my go-to’s] and voila! Easy-peasy hostess with the mostest vibes 👌🏽


Aaaaaand, finally ... here’s my take on a Dessert Grazing Table! Your living room coffee table will be the perfect spot — just throw some cute pillows around it and you’re good to go. 


Can’t wait to see photos of your Galentine’s Party or Cozy Night In. Make sure to share photos with me on my personal or wild & whimsy instagram ☺️ 

@ryamteran or @wildandwhimsy  


The Wild [&] Whimsy Life :: Let Them Eat Cake Launch Party



It's our declaration - let them be little, let them have fun, let them wear the special dress every day. Naturally, our recent Launch Party had to have that vibe.

It was such a fun day where Linda and I were able to showcase our Holiday Collection to our blogger [&] fashion industry friends. No shopping [we saved that for our Pop-Up-Shop!] - just a preview party to celebrate our launch weekend. Our venue was the beautiful Bella Bar in Orange county owned by a fellow mom boss, Eunice. Every little lady who attened was treated to a mini mani and lemonade. They were also gifted the most amazing swag bags filled with accessories from Dashing Dolls Bowtique [&] toys provided by Carolle Dolls, Mojo Fun, Kidsource, and Faber-Castell. AAAAND of course we had to have CAKE … you guyyyysss … the cake - which was provided by Cake Blossoms - was absolutely gorgeous and even more delicious. Cake Blossoms also brought the most decadent coconut and chocolate Brazilian Truffles. Custom cookies, champagne for the mamas, and the cutest balloon instalation from Lotus Party Co were a few fun elements we can’t forget to mention. With that said, if you think this party looked fun we CANNOT WAIT to show you all the fun we have planned for our Pop-Up-Shop-Party tomorrow … in the meantime we hope you enjoy these pics xx



The Wild [&] Whimsy Life :: My Whimsy Girl Is Ten


Aaaaaand just like that another one of my angels hit double digits [!!!] What is life right now?!

The only up side to this whole, my babies are growing up so dang fast it makes my wanna kim k ugly cry, situation is that I get to throw a party 😉


Eleven years and four kids in to this mom journey I’ve learned a few things about a few things ... and one of the MAIN things I have learned about kids parties is that the party is for the kids :) If I had an endless budget I would invite everyone I know, adults and kids alike, but the truth is I don’t have an endless budget and being realistic with the costs and the non negotiables is key to having a successful party. For instance, friends are at the top of the priority list for my girls so I’d much rather budget for fun little elements for them rather than spend it all on food to feed 50 adults.

Ultimately, at the the end of the day it looks different for everyone so if a park day with lots of family, friends and their parents [&] less decor is your jam then own it, because that’s so much fun too [!!!] Just make sure you plan, plan, plan ahead so you’re not going crazy the day of 😳😉

So here we have it ... an all girls [with the exception of daddy & baby brother] Museum Of Icecream inspired Swim Party for my Nylah Elianie 💗✨


All pool floats [&] decor were purchased at

:: Target :: Amazon :: Homegoods :: Dollar Tree ::


The Wild [&] Whimsy Life :: Mama Style

I can’t get enough of all things rainbow bright right now! Rainbow everything ... all day, errrrryday, so of course when I saw this pretty blouse hanging on the clearance rack at my local Target I had to have it :) Unfortunately, it’s not on clearance on the website, but a steal either way!  Click on the link in bold below and grab one before they’re all gone! I’ve also linked my ring [&] necklace for you, just in case you’re interested.



The Wild [&] Whimsy Life :: Easter Baskets


A very close second to Christmas, Easter is one of my FAVORITE holidays! 

I've never been one to do the giant baskets of candy I got growing up, but I do love to give baskets. I always give my babies  something a bit more special - usually a new bathing suit, spring pajamas or pair of shoes - along with a bunch of inexpensive little things they love.


You may or may not have seen on my insta stories a few days back that I was at the Dollar Tree [one of my go to's!] and stocked up on some Easter Basket goodies. I also recently did a Walmart run and thought it would be fun to show you a few of the things I got just in case you're looking for some CUTE [&] INEXPENSIVE basket stuffers for your lil' bunnies. I, of course, included some Wild [&] Whimsy goodies to give them juuuussst the right touch of spring. Cuzzz, you know, nothing says, "Spring" like a w&w floral kimono, dress, or turban. *wink *wink


So, here we go... my Easter Basket Haul.

First things first, the BUNNY BASKET from Walmart. You guys!! It's SO cute --- run, don't walk, to Walmart and pick one up! They come in White, Gray and Tan. And the best part is they are only 7bucks!


Next, grab something from the Wild&Whimsy Shop. Try a Sun Suit with a matching Turban or one of our Kimonos. Your babes will not be disappointed! I pinky promise :)


Finally, add the little finishing touches.

Here are a few things I picked up from the Dollar Tree ...

Jump Ropes, Glitter Eggs, Iridescent Easter Grass [to mix with regular paper shred], Bouncy Balls, Little Bunny Bags, Hatchimals Candy, Play Dough, Bubbles, and the cutest little Bunny Rabbit and Carrot Shaped Easter Eggs. The options at the Dollar Tree are endless, but grab your stuff early cuz stuff sells out!


Hope these ideas helped and most of all I hope you have the most amazing Easter!

P.S. As you babes know, I love to give stuff away, so go ahead and tag a few friends on the Instagram post for a chance to win a bunny basket [&] kimono. Good luck! 🌸


The Wild [&] Whimsy Life :: Mama Style

If you know me, you would know that I am a notorious bargain hunter. I am convinced that [aside from making beautiful babies] finding a good deal is my super power 😜 


Let's take this mustard yellow velvet blazer for instance ... first of all, HOW GOOD IS MUSTARD YELLOW?! #SoGood ... second, I was on a quest to find a velvet blazer for the longest time, but just couldn't bring myself to pay over 200 bucks for one. Enter ZARA. I eyed this baby for months before their giant clearance sale and then hunted it down and bought it for ... wait for it ... wait for it ... $19.99 [!!!] 


Unfortunately, this style is no longer available, buuuuttt ... since I am getting a countless number of DM's on Instagram about where I got it, I thought I'd round up a few alternatives for those who are asking 😊

*click the bold descriptions below for a direct link. 



THIS one from Free People is most similar to the one I have, but over $100.  


THIS one doesn't have the tuxedo collar but is such a great price and super cute [!!!] 

Get an EXTRA 50% off with code HAPPY


THIS one isn't a blazer, but the color [&] length are just right.

Happy shopping, babes [!!!] Hope this helped 😘

The Wild [&] WhimsyLife :: Love Day DIY

You guys! It's January 25th and I still have my Christmas tree up 😏 ... I promised my boyfriend it would come down before February.

Speaking of February, I have the cutest little Dollar Tree DIY for Valentines Day for you. I originally posted this on my old blog back in 2013, but thought it would be fun to repost here on the Wild [&] Whimsy Life ... so here it is! A visual step-by-step of a sweet little flower arrangement you can use on your bar cart, in your bathroom or as a Love Day centerpiece 💖 xx


:: All items can be found at your local Dollar Tree Store ::


The Wild [&] Whimsy Life :: Bag Lady

When I was a young girl I would often get in trouble for digging through the contents of my mom's purse. I loved examining every item and couldn't resist writing in her checkbook or putting on her burgundy lipstick. Not much has changed since then. And although I try not to dig through anyone's purse without permission [cuz that would just be really weird], I am still super interested and love seeing what other people have in their bag. Anyone else as nosey as me?!

 [click bold items to shop]   Hat   ::   Bag   ::   Jeans     ::   Shoes   

 [click bold items to shop] Hat :: Bag :: Jeans :: Shoes 

 [click bold items to shop] Hat :: Bag :: Jeans :: Shoes

As a business owning mom of four, my bag is filled with enough stuff to put Mary Poppins to shame. No joke. You can find everything from q-tips to half eaten granola bars to crayons [&] fabric swatches to scissors [&] safety pins. And don't even get me started on the Target receipts floating around with cheerios, sketches on napkins, and random polaroids of flowers. Are you looking for a mini Pantone booklet? Size 5 diapers? A measuring tape? If you are, I've got you covered 😉


It's for that EXACT reason why I need a big bag. A big bag that can carry the contents of a FULL, sometimes crazy, yet beautiful life. And when it comes to big bags, you'll never find me too far from my Wild [&] Whimsy Paola Bag. 

If you don't have a Paola Bag yet, you need to get one 😊 Whether you're a busy mom with a ton of stuff or a jet setting señorita who needs a cute overnight bag, I promise you'll love how spacious and fun the large style is. Now, for you minimalist babes or for those of you looking to match your mini me, our smaller style is perfect for you!


Now ... just in case you're nosy like me, here are a few [i spared you the trash and diapers] things currently in my bag ...


The Wild [&] Whimsy Life :: The Magic of New Beginnings

There is something so special about a new beginning. Something exciting about a blank page in the journal of a new year - where a new story can be written, or in my case, an old story continued with fresh perspective.

IMG_1595 (1).JPG

"Hiatus", was the permanent status of my 2017. I knew having baby number four would make things different, but I had absolutely no idea how much of a game changer it would truly be. A game changer, however, is NOT a game stopper. So here I go ... same dreams, same desires, same goals, same, same errrythang ... just now rested, recalibrated, recharged, and reignited to pursue the things that fuel my soul. 

Now, what is it that fuels my soul?  I ask myself that question often. Aside from the obvious things like my relationship with God, my boyfriend [that's my hubby of 13 years], my babies, my family, friends, fashion [just keepin' it real 😉] and my business ... I have a burning desire to use the creative gift I have been entrusted with to encourage and empower others to believe in their own abilities [&] gifts. There are very few things I love more [and I love a lot of things!] than seeing people live their best life. 

 If you've been following my journey for a while [remember my, The Inspired Mama blogging days?] you would remember the young mom of two who accidentally stumbled into a career in the children's fashion industry just short of 10 years ago. Today, that young mom has done a lot of growing ... for one, she's older [hello, white hair everywhere 😩] two, she's got FOUR kids now [😳] and three, she went from photo shoot styling, production managing, trade show working, international distribution deal making, and co-owning her own brick[&]mortar store, to [a few years later} launching her own brand.

My season of hiatus is now over, and even though it looks different from what I imagined, this year, I pick up my pen and I continue to write my story ... 

Can I encourage you today to pick up your pen too? What is it that you were once passionate about, and for whatever reason, stopped doing? What did you put on the back burner that should now be a priority?What passions have you yet to pursue? Who cares how long it's been. Who cares if you feel like you've failed at it too many times before. Who cares if it didn't turn out exactly the way you thought it would. Who cares if you don't feel qualified... or if all your ducks aren't in a row. Seriously. WHO CARES! The things we are passionate about are almost always tied to our purpose, so don't let disappointment ... or fear ... or what people may think ... or comparing your journey to someone else's ... derail you from living the life that is meant for you, and only you.

Let's go! Trust your gift. Trust your purpose. Trust the magic of a new beginning.


The Wild [&] Whimsy Life :: A Unicorn Party

Being born on a holiday usually means your birthday gets overlooked. At least in our house that is the case for my youngest wild&whimsy girl. Aleinah Noelle [aka IttyBitty] was born on Thanksgiving Day 2012 and it wasn't until this year that she got her first birthday party. There's just something about the end of the year that literally makes me feel as if I'm on a race against the clock. As soon as Halloween hits I become completely consumed with school parties, costumes, decorating, pumpkin errrrryyyythang, etc. etc ... then I blink and it's Thanksgiving ... I blink again and it's Christmas! I would tell myself every year to plan ahead for IttyBitty's birthday and every year I failed. That is until this year :) Much to my delight, the birthday girl requested a party theme after my own whimsy mama heart. She answered my question of what she would like in these exact words ... "A Yooneecowrn, Rainbow, Pink, Sparkles, Glitter, Jumpy Castle, Balloons, Princess Party with Rice & Beans". HELLO! Talk about a dream party to plan and execute! I had the most amazing time putting it all together and the BEST part was she was all about planning it with me. We pinned ideas on Pinterest together, we shopped together, and we packaged her party favors together. It was honestly one of my favorite parties I have ever thrown... and let me tell you I LOVE throwing parties so I don't say that lightly.


The Wild [&] Whimsy Life :: Tickling Our Fancy

My Wild & Whimsy girls have two more weeks of school left and I am sooooooo ready for summer break to be here! I absolutely love the summer and everything it brings with it - the sunkissed skin, the salty beach hair, as well as long adventure-filled days.  Here are a few favorites that will be on heavy rotation all summer long!

Sunglasses :: The amount of affordable and fun options available makes Forever21 a go-to for sunglasses for my girls. This round, mirrored pair is a favorite!

Slides :: Tis the summer of all things Adidas and mama is not mad! Especially because these sandals are super comfy and look super cute dressed up or dressed down.

 Tattoos :: My girls are obsessed with flash tattoos [along with every other girl on the planet!] and naturally,  I have jumped on the bandwagon. I cannot wait to cover ourselves in the golden goodness and take lots of fun photos! If you follow me on Instagram consider this a warning of what's to come!

Bikini :: I am obsessed with buying bathing suits for my girls. My go-to for vintage inspired suits is Janie and Jack. I absolutely LOVE their silhouettes and most of all I love that they go up to size 12.

 Candle :: I burn this Mokara candle by Volupsa all day, every day, all summer long. It's my favorite.

 Eye Shadow Palette :: One palette with shimmery colors that easily transitions from day into night? Yes, please!