The Wild [&] Whimsy Life :: The Magic of New Beginnings

There is something so special about a new beginning. Something exciting about a blank page in the journal of a new year - where a new story can be written, or in my case, an old story continued with fresh perspective.

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"Hiatus", was the permanent status of my 2017. I knew having baby number four would make things different, but I had absolutely no idea how much of a game changer it would truly be. A game changer, however, is NOT a game stopper. So here I go ... same dreams, same desires, same goals, same, same errrythang ... just now rested, recalibrated, recharged, and reignited to pursue the things that fuel my soul. 

Now, what is it that fuels my soul?  I ask myself that question often. Aside from the obvious things like my relationship with God, my boyfriend [that's my hubby of 13 years], my babies, my family, friends, fashion [just keepin' it real 😉] and my business ... I have a burning desire to use the creative gift I have been entrusted with to encourage and empower others to believe in their own abilities [&] gifts. There are very few things I love more [and I love a lot of things!] than seeing people live their best life. 

 If you've been following my journey for a while [remember my, The Inspired Mama blogging days?] you would remember the young mom of two who accidentally stumbled into a career in the children's fashion industry just short of 10 years ago. Today, that young mom has done a lot of growing ... for one, she's older [hello, white hair everywhere 😩] two, she's got FOUR kids now [😳] and three, she went from photo shoot styling, production managing, trade show working, international distribution deal making, and co-owning her own brick[&]mortar store, to [a few years later} launching her own brand.

My season of hiatus is now over, and even though it looks different from what I imagined, this year, I pick up my pen and I continue to write my story ... 

Can I encourage you today to pick up your pen too? What is it that you were once passionate about, and for whatever reason, stopped doing? What did you put on the back burner that should now be a priority?What passions have you yet to pursue? Who cares how long it's been. Who cares if you feel like you've failed at it too many times before. Who cares if it didn't turn out exactly the way you thought it would. Who cares if you don't feel qualified... or if all your ducks aren't in a row. Seriously. WHO CARES! The things we are passionate about are almost always tied to our purpose, so don't let disappointment ... or fear ... or what people may think ... or comparing your journey to someone else's ... derail you from living the life that is meant for you, and only you.

Let's go! Trust your gift. Trust your purpose. Trust the magic of a new beginning.