The Wild [&] Whimsy Life :: Bag Lady

When I was a young girl I would often get in trouble for digging through the contents of my mom's purse. I loved examining every item and couldn't resist writing in her checkbook or putting on her burgundy lipstick. Not much has changed since then. And although I try not to dig through anyone's purse without permission [cuz that would just be really weird], I am still super interested and love seeing what other people have in their bag. Anyone else as nosey as me?!

 [click bold items to shop]   Hat   ::   Bag   ::   Jeans     ::   Shoes   

 [click bold items to shop] Hat :: Bag :: Jeans :: Shoes 

 [click bold items to shop] Hat :: Bag :: Jeans :: Shoes

As a business owning mom of four, my bag is filled with enough stuff to put Mary Poppins to shame. No joke. You can find everything from q-tips to half eaten granola bars to crayons [&] fabric swatches to scissors [&] safety pins. And don't even get me started on the Target receipts floating around with cheerios, sketches on napkins, and random polaroids of flowers. Are you looking for a mini Pantone booklet? Size 5 diapers? A measuring tape? If you are, I've got you covered 😉


It's for that EXACT reason why I need a big bag. A big bag that can carry the contents of a FULL, sometimes crazy, yet beautiful life. And when it comes to big bags, you'll never find me too far from my Wild [&] Whimsy Paola Bag. 

If you don't have a Paola Bag yet, you need to get one 😊 Whether you're a busy mom with a ton of stuff or a jet setting señorita who needs a cute overnight bag, I promise you'll love how spacious and fun the large style is. Now, for you minimalist babes or for those of you looking to match your mini me, our smaller style is perfect for you!


Now ... just in case you're nosy like me, here are a few [i spared you the trash and diapers] things currently in my bag ...