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It’s no secret I love throwing a good party. Any kinda party really. Extravagant birthday bashes [&] intimate dinner parties alike, if you give me a reason, I’ll celebrate! 


One of the number one questions/comments/DM’s I get on Instagram is, “Can you post more or blog about party planning stuff?”. So, in honor of those babes AND with Valentine’s Day around the corner, I thought I’d share some photos from one of the parties I recently threw for my bestie. Hopefully it will be helpful for you if you plan on throwing a Galentine’s Day Soirée for your lady loves! Or you can always scale it down for a night in with your honey bunny 😉 


Gone are the days of charcuterie boards. Ok, Ok, not really ... BUT my latest obsession [along with everyone else on Pinterest!] is a charcuterie board on steroids - the Grazing Table!

 Tips [&] Tricks For A Killer Grazing Table.

1. Use wrapping paper / kraft paper down the center of the table to arrange your grazing goodies on. Cuz you know, it’s a lot more sanitary than directly on the table 💁🏽‍♀️

2. Think outside the box! Chips / pretzels / whole pieces of fruit / cut up bread aren’t things you usually find on charcuterie boards, but are perfect for filling up a long table.  If it’s yummy, go ahead and throw it on the table 😋

3. Keep thinking outside the box! Household items like candle holders, vases, candlesticks, little baskets, glass jars, votives, etc. are great items to use when decorating and displaying foods on your grazing table. Be creative! Make sure to consider all the items you already own before going out to buy anything.

4. IF you do end up buying anything - go to the DOLLAR TREE or local dollar store FIRST! If you know me, you know I have a love affair with the Dollar Tree 😜 I’ll post soon on some of my go to items from there, so make sure to check back. 

5. Lastly, NEVER underestimate the beauty of canned or bottled food items put on/in a white platter or bowl! Throw a little garnish on it [mint, parsley or rosemary are my go-to’s] and voila! Easy-peasy hostess with the mostest vibes 👌🏽


Aaaaaand, finally ... here’s my take on a Dessert Grazing Table! Your living room coffee table will be the perfect spot — just throw some cute pillows around it and you’re good to go. 


Can’t wait to see photos of your Galentine’s Party or Cozy Night In. Make sure to share photos with me on my personal or wild & whimsy instagram ☺️ 

@ryamteran or @wildandwhimsy